How great is it to be able to island hop in your own country?


veluwemeer eilandhoppenYou can do that on Lake Veluwe! Hire a boat from Snoekbaars Bootverhuur and spend a day sailing around seven little islands, of which five have a jetty. Simply moor and enjoy the pristine nature. Or would you prefer to fish from the shore: how unique would this be on an uninhabited island? The islands each have their own shape and character and lend themselves perfectly to a short visit, after which you can sail further. Ask EuroParcs reception for more information and advice about sailing routes. Island hopping can even be combined with a visit to the culinary city of Harderwijk. Harderwijk is located beside the water and the harbour lends itself perfectly to mooring and then viewing the pretty centre within a few minutes. Please ensure you are back before nightfall.

The islands of Lake Veluwe form part of the de Gastvrije Randmeren.

De four large islands

De Kluut Island is in the middle of Lake Veluwe, on the border between Gelderland and Flevoland. The island is covered with trees and reed thickets, but also offers open spaces. The harbour is generally quiet and borders on a large grass field. CampSpirit, an outstanding camping site, is located on the westerly side of the island.


pierlandPierland lies in the middle of Lake Veluwe, halfway between Bremerbergse Hoek and Harderwijk. The island has more than 50 berths. The lovely shape of the island means you can find a suitable berth in all weather conditions. Idyllic, stately, large and surrounded by tall trees, this island offers a sheltered spot regardless of wind direction. There are small swimming beaches for the children and in the evenings, there is the option of making a fire in the fire baskets provided.


deralDe Ral is situated on Lake Veluwe halfway between Elburg and Harderwijk, diagonally across from Aquacentrum Bremerbergsehoek. De Ral is located between two islands, De Snip and De Kwak. A vibrant island, close to the bicycle ferry and lively recreation park and directly beside the newly opened Bremerbaai swimming beach. The island offers numerous options for those who wish to sail around it in a little sloop and enjoy leisure activities or camping.


knarlandKnarland, situated in the Wolderwijd, is an island for nature lovers and those seeking peace and quiet. The harbour basin offers shelter from the waves when it is particularly windy. The newly planted green infrastructure and open feel give the island a ‘Wadden’ character. There are sandy beaches for the children and parents can enjoy a bracing walk along the beach. The open mid-section with large overgrown sand flats has an authentic Wadden vibe!

The origin of Lake Veluwe

Lake Veluwe is an oblong lake that was created in 1956 with the reclamation of Oost-Flevoland. It borders Elburg in the north and Harderwijk in the south. Lake Veluwe offers plenty of opportunities for leisure activities on the beach and water. There is also a number of camping sites and marinas on the water. Lake Veluwe is part of the Bordering Lakes recreational route.
Lake Veluwe borders the Wolderwijd in the southwest. In the north east, beyond the bridge at Elburg, it borders on the Drontermeer. The lake is fed by the Hierdensche Beek, amongst others.
Lake Veluwe fulfils an important tourist function, primarily in terms of leisure activities on the water and beach. In addition, it is important for water management and the shipping industry. It has a water surface area of 3250 hectares.


Berthing regulations

You can make use of the berths free of charge during the day.

From 16.00 hours, a berthing fee of € 0.70 per linear metre applies.

If you regularly stay overnight on the islands and berths, it is probably more economical to purchase a season ticket or holiday ticket. This allows you to make use of all berthing sites managed by Gastvrije Randmeren from April to October. The holiday ticket can be handy for island hoppers, but might not be cheaper because of the maximum number of islands you can visit in one day.

The holiday ticket

This ticket is for boat owners who want to visit different islands and berths during a sailing excursion or during the season and thus have no preferred location. The price of the holiday ticket was 12 x 0,70 cents per linear metre. The 2017 price still needs to be determined. You can request a ticket for the 2017 sailing season via this website as of February 2017.

Joint responsibility

The belowmentioned house rules apply to ensure berths remain in good order and that other watersports enthusiasts experience no nuisance or interference. If everyone abides by them, sailing and staying in the Bordering Lakes area will remain enjoyable for everyone.
The house rules are also displayed on the information board at the berthing sites. Sometimes (temporary) alternative rules apply, for example if an activity or event is being organised.
Are you mooring at one of the berths managed by Gastvrije Randmeren? The managers of the islands are your hosts. They hope you respect the preservation of nature and the islands as much as they do. Please adhere to the following rules.

House rules


  • A charge applies from 16.00 hours, you are obliged to pay this.
  • You may moor for a maximum of 3 x 24 hours consecutively at the same berth.
  • Approach and depart from the berth at a moderate pace.
  • Please moor closely alongside others when it is busy.
  • Please do not sail, moor or play in the reeds.
  • It is not permitted to drop anchor at the berths.
  • Camera surveillance may be in operation at this site.

At our berths:

  • Please keep dogs on a leash, you are obliged to clean up after your dog on the island.
  • Do not use the berth as a public toilet.
  • Music should be played at low volume so as not to disturb others.
  • Barbecues are only permitted in consultation with the manager. Do not barbecue on jetties or banks. Respect the flora and fauna, do not chop or prune trees or shrubs.
  • Open fires are not permitted unless the manager has made provision for this.

For more information, please see: Lake Veluwe Rules

About Happy Boats Boat Rentals

Happy Boats Boat Rentals is part of the Snoekbaars Bootverhuur organization and is an initiative of Aad Lansbergen with close coorporation with EuroParcs. Aad Lansbergen is one of the house owners (eg at Europarcs Zuiderzee) as from the first moment and with his twenty years of experience on boating and sailing, we dare to say with confidence that you will be as excited about the boats and sloops he personally selected.

The boats are directly available for rent from EuroParcs Veluwemeer. Activities “Zanderfishing on Lake Veluwe…” and “Sailing on Lake Veluwe” are part of the event program of EuroParcs and contribute to an even better experience during your vacation at the parc.

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